Super Squeeze Page Pack

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Skyrocket Your Opt-In Rates & Have a Proven and Complete 
Opt-In Process Set Up In 10 Minutes
(No tech skills required, newbie friendly)

The Super Squeeze Page Pack is a package of fully formated templates, and all kinds of extras like graphics elements, to help you create and set up high converting squeeze pages, fast.

What makes this different from other similar products?

There is no shortage of other opt-in packs and products and templates out there. The problem with most of them is that they're not created to actually increase the opt-ins. Just like most other template packages for anything else out there, they're generic and don't help to convert, but actually hurt converions in most cases.

My templates are based on proven methods that help conversions. They're simple and professional, with an emphasis on sales copy (because sales copy is actually what converts). So my templates are not graphics rich, and the design is there to just put things together nicely, and compliment the sales copy, and also to guide the visitor to the opt-in form.

My templates also come with a "above the fold" opt-in form design ("above the fold" means your visitor doesn't have to scroll down the page to see the opt-in form, and this increases conversions.)

My templates are also very easy to use, with no tech skills required, and are "copy and paste" simple. They come with all the text and simple graphics elements already formated nicely for you in a proven to convert style. So you just copy and paste your own details into the templates, add your own opt-in for (which you also copy and paste from your autorepsonder), and you have a nice squeeze page.

My templates are also highly customizable and leave you room to add your own touches to them. You can modify all the text, you can add your own images and graphics, you can change the colors, and more. All the things are already in place for you, in the best locations, and you can easily swap what ever "elements" I have in the template for your own.

They also come with a 3 step opt-in process - 1. squeeze page, 2. "confirm email page" and 3. download page. So you not only get a nice looking main squeeze page to get the email, you also get "back end" pages to make sure people confirm their emails, and get their free gifts. These extra pages are also formated nicely, and come with pre-filled details that you can swap for your own.

So with my package you get all the tools to set up a complete opt-in process, from the squeeze page to the delivery page, yourself fast and easy.

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