Premium Headers Pack V5

With THIS package, I focused on QUALITY over quantity, and created 25 premium header templates instead of 100's of cheap ones. But that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of variety in this package. These 25 header templates are created in such a way that they can actually be developed further into 100's of different headers for different niches (if you wanted to do that). They're very versatile.

In this package I tried to make every header template unique in it's look, with a different layout, color scheme, text placement, etc. That way, instead of getting 100's of templates that pretty much look the same, and just have a different niche image. Instead of that you get 25 great headers that are all different, and you can add ANY image of your own to each one, and develop them further into 100's of your own headers.

All of the formatting, styling, and color combinations are already in place. The whole "design" part is done, so you don't have to have an eye for that sort of thing to create a great header. It's all done for you.

You can :
  1. Use these headers as is. Just change the text to your text, and maybe add an image of your own. And boom you have a killer header in minutes. 
  2. Play around with the colors and styles. Create your own color schemes to match your site. Move things around. Resize the header to you exact size. Customize just certain elements. And in just a few minutes you can have a fairly different and unique look.
  3. Or just take certain parts you like from a header (like text or some effects or some layouts), and add them to any of your own existing graphics to spice them up.
You get full source files to ALL these templates, and everything you see on the headers comes on it's own layer. So there is a lot of premium graphics elements at your disposal here. These awesome headers could potentially save you hours of work, and give an added flair to your existing graphics. And that's easily worth the price of this whole package (more on price later).

Premium Retro Badges Pack 2

Now, I'll be honest with you right away and tell you that there ARE other similar templates out there, and you can even find some for free... but here's why you should still get THIS pack.

1.They're premium quality and much better than 90% of the free files you might find elsewhere on the Internet. Each template is really detailed with lot's of different subtle "effects" and graphics elements.

2.Everything is customizable... all of the things you see on these templates come on their own layer and can be customized. So you can change the colors, move things around, type in your own text, etc..

3.Each template has a unique "look", and you get 15 of these tamplates. And since everything is customizable, and you can mix different elements from different templates together... that means there's a HUGE variety of different badges and logos you can create.

4.Each template is in PSD format and uses "smart" vector layers... which means they can be resized to ANY size without quality loss (you can even use them for print projects).

5.You can use these to make any of your exsting graphics better - like your eCovers or headers (I'll show you how later below).

6.You can use these WITHOUT Photoshop - The PSD files can be used with Photoshop or PS Elements... but if you don't have any of these programs I'm also including blank (without any text) templates in transparent PNG format that you can use with ANY graphics editor. Just type in your own text and you're done.

Premium Pricing Graphics

Make Your Price Stand Out With These
Brand New Premium Pricing Graphics

We all need certain areas of our websites or designs to stand out, and one of those things are the prices of our products. So to help you make your prices stand out I created a brand new set of graphics. These graphics cover pretty much every way of how you can display your price. You'll get pricing tables, price stickers, price badges, Add To Cart buttons with prices on them, and more.

Templates In A Box

Discover How YOU - Or Anyone - Can Easily Use My Professional Designs, Squeeze and Adsense Templates In A Box - In Just A Few Minutes without Having To Hire An Expensive Web Designer OR Use A Third Party Software!

Swift Headers

Over 25 instant, ready-to-go headers for your web pages and mini sites!

Super Squeeze Page Pack V2

The Super Squeeze Page Pack V2 is a package of fully formated templates, and all kinds of extras like graphics elements, to help you create and set up high converting squeeze pages... fast.

Super Squeeze Page Pack

Skyrocket Your Opt-In Rates & Have a Proven and Complete 
Opt-In Process Set Up In 10 Minutes
(No tech skills required, newbie friendly)

The Super Squeeze Page Pack is a package of fully formated templates, and all kinds of extras like graphics elements, to help you create and set up high converting squeeze pages, fast.

What makes this different from other similar products?

There is no shortage of other opt-in packs and products and templates out there. The problem with most of them is that they're not created to actually increase the opt-ins. Just like most other template packages for anything else out there, they're generic and don't help to convert, but actually hurt converions in most cases.

My templates are based on proven methods that help conversions. They're simple and professional, with an emphasis on sales copy (because sales copy is actually what converts). So my templates are not graphics rich, and the design is there to just put things together nicely, and compliment the sales copy, and also to guide the visitor to the opt-in form.

My templates also come with a "above the fold" opt-in form design ("above the fold" means your visitor doesn't have to scroll down the page to see the opt-in form, and this increases conversions.)

My templates are also very easy to use, with no tech skills required, and are "copy and paste" simple. They come with all the text and simple graphics elements already formated nicely for you in a proven to convert style. So you just copy and paste your own details into the templates, add your own opt-in for (which you also copy and paste from your autorepsonder), and you have a nice squeeze page.

My templates are also highly customizable and leave you room to add your own touches to them. You can modify all the text, you can add your own images and graphics, you can change the colors, and more. All the things are already in place for you, in the best locations, and you can easily swap what ever "elements" I have in the template for your own.

They also come with a 3 step opt-in process - 1. squeeze page, 2. "confirm email page" and 3. download page. So you not only get a nice looking main squeeze page to get the email, you also get "back end" pages to make sure people confirm their emails, and get their free gifts. These extra pages are also formated nicely, and come with pre-filled details that you can swap for your own.

So with my package you get all the tools to set up a complete opt-in process, from the squeeze page to the delivery page, yourself fast and easy.

Super Easy DIY Graphics V2

Want to save money on design fees? Looking for an easy way to create simple graphics for your site yourself that actually look good? Don't want to spend too much time messing around with graphics software?

Web 2.0 Headers V2

Easily Create Amazing Website Header Graphics
Yourself In Minutes Without Photoshop!
(Even If You're a Complete Design Newbie)

If you're looking for an easy way to create professional looking graphics fast, you're in the right place. I've just created a super easy to use "system" for creating killer website header graphics that doesn't require Adobe Photoshop, or any other expensive software. And this new system is so easy to use that anyone, even a complete design newbie, can use it to create top notch professional looking header graphics, fast.

The emphasis with this product is on "fast" and "easy to use", but the final results of the graphics are also top quality. That's what makes this product really special. It's newbie friendly, easy and fast to use, and creates really high quality results. So even if you already have design skills, you can still use this product to save time and create some really nice looking graphics.

In fact, the header for this very site that you can see above was created with this product, and it only took me several minutes to create this header. You will be able to do the same.

The basic idea behind Web 2.0 Headers is this. It's a template based system (unlike other templates you've seen before). What makes these templates special is:
  1. Each template is pre-installed with all the special effects you need to make your header look nice. All you have to do is click a few buttons to make the effects visible or invisible. Need some grid lines on your header, just press a few buttons. Need to give your header a 3D shiny look, again, just press a few buttons. All of these effects come pre-installed into each header template, so all you have to do is open up the header template, and start clicking away. It's all super easy to use and the final result looks great
  2. Each templates is highly customizable, and each part of the template comes on it's own layer that you can customize in pretty much any way you want. Mix and match the effects, resize and distort anything you want, change colors, etc.. So with each template, you can create literally thousands of different combinations of headers. So your header won't look like all the other headers out there that are using these templates.
  3. These header templates don't require any expensive software like Photoshop (but you CAN use Photoshop if you prefer it). So if you don't have Photoshop, no problem. These templates will also work with a free program caled GIMP, or an innexpensive program called Photoshop Elements.
  4.  As I already mentioned, these templates are REALLY easy to use and have a very short learning curve. So you'll be up and running and creating awesome headers in minutes.

The Graphics Explosion

There is one common truth that anyone with an online presence learns sooner or later. First Impressions Count

First impressions count in real life, and they count online. The instant someone sees your web site, product packaging or squeeze page, they have judged you. Regardless of the content of your site or the value of your offer - the first thing people will notice is design.

Do you have a web site or product, but a low conversion rate? How does your site look? Be honest!. If your web site/product doesn't look professional and current, then you are hurting your conversions. Your conversions are low because you aren't capturing people's attention.

The easiest way to grab someone's attention is to brighten your site or product up with some high quality, professional designed graphics. Easy enough right? Well, it can be ...BUT it can also be expensive. A Professionally Designed Logo STARTS at $295. You can imagine how quickly your design costs could skyrocket. Especially if you wanted access to completely overhaul your designs. I Can't Afford That, What Do I Do?. I don't blame you. When I started out I couldn't afford that either. I also knew that there had to be other people out there feeling the same as me. That is why I put together this package:


The Graphic Explosion packages contains professionally designed graphics that you can easily integrate into your current designs to add a professional touch or a high impact visual hook. This package won't make you a graphic designer but it will allow you to add professionally designed elements to your current arsenal. Below you will get a snapshot of the type of graphics included. The below graphics have been reduced in both size and quality.

The graphics included in the actual package are all high quality PNG files that are both transparent (usable on any background) and oversized (to fit any size need).