The Graphics Explosion

Posted on 8:50 AM by Vendeta

There is one common truth that anyone with an online presence learns sooner or later. First Impressions Count

First impressions count in real life, and they count online. The instant someone sees your web site, product packaging or squeeze page, they have judged you. Regardless of the content of your site or the value of your offer - the first thing people will notice is design.

Do you have a web site or product, but a low conversion rate? How does your site look? Be honest!. If your web site/product doesn't look professional and current, then you are hurting your conversions. Your conversions are low because you aren't capturing people's attention.

The easiest way to grab someone's attention is to brighten your site or product up with some high quality, professional designed graphics. Easy enough right? Well, it can be ...BUT it can also be expensive. A Professionally Designed Logo STARTS at $295. You can imagine how quickly your design costs could skyrocket. Especially if you wanted access to completely overhaul your designs. I Can't Afford That, What Do I Do?. I don't blame you. When I started out I couldn't afford that either. I also knew that there had to be other people out there feeling the same as me. That is why I put together this package:


The Graphic Explosion packages contains professionally designed graphics that you can easily integrate into your current designs to add a professional touch or a high impact visual hook. This package won't make you a graphic designer but it will allow you to add professionally designed elements to your current arsenal. Below you will get a snapshot of the type of graphics included. The below graphics have been reduced in both size and quality.

The graphics included in the actual package are all high quality PNG files that are both transparent (usable on any background) and oversized (to fit any size need).

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