Web 2.0 Headers V2

Posted on 9:00 AM by Vendeta

Easily Create Amazing Website Header Graphics
Yourself In Minutes Without Photoshop!
(Even If You're a Complete Design Newbie)

If you're looking for an easy way to create professional looking graphics fast, you're in the right place. I've just created a super easy to use "system" for creating killer website header graphics that doesn't require Adobe Photoshop, or any other expensive software. And this new system is so easy to use that anyone, even a complete design newbie, can use it to create top notch professional looking header graphics, fast.

The emphasis with this product is on "fast" and "easy to use", but the final results of the graphics are also top quality. That's what makes this product really special. It's newbie friendly, easy and fast to use, and creates really high quality results. So even if you already have design skills, you can still use this product to save time and create some really nice looking graphics.

In fact, the header for this very site that you can see above was created with this product, and it only took me several minutes to create this header. You will be able to do the same.

The basic idea behind Web 2.0 Headers is this. It's a template based system (unlike other templates you've seen before). What makes these templates special is:
  1. Each template is pre-installed with all the special effects you need to make your header look nice. All you have to do is click a few buttons to make the effects visible or invisible. Need some grid lines on your header, just press a few buttons. Need to give your header a 3D shiny look, again, just press a few buttons. All of these effects come pre-installed into each header template, so all you have to do is open up the header template, and start clicking away. It's all super easy to use and the final result looks great
  2. Each templates is highly customizable, and each part of the template comes on it's own layer that you can customize in pretty much any way you want. Mix and match the effects, resize and distort anything you want, change colors, etc.. So with each template, you can create literally thousands of different combinations of headers. So your header won't look like all the other headers out there that are using these templates.
  3. These header templates don't require any expensive software like Photoshop (but you CAN use Photoshop if you prefer it). So if you don't have Photoshop, no problem. These templates will also work with a free program caled GIMP, or an innexpensive program called Photoshop Elements.
  4.  As I already mentioned, these templates are REALLY easy to use and have a very short learning curve. So you'll be up and running and creating awesome headers in minutes.

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